Chimney Repair in NJ

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The chimney in your home is crucial to your family’s safety. A chimney that is not properly working is a major fire hazard and should be dealt with immediately. Sometimes, regular chimney cleaning is enough to prevent any accidents. However, there are other times where actual damage needs to remedied and this is where you need chimney repair and chimney rebuilding in NJ.

Over time, your chimney can experience a lot of wear from continued use. Every time a fire is lit below, the bricks and mortar are exposed to extreme heat and dryness. This eventually takes its toll on the actual structure of the chimney. Cracks can form and lead to leaks and water damage inside your home. It also raises the risk of the chimney actually collapsing in on itself.

External forces can also do their part to weaken your chimney’s structure. Storms with strong winds, rain and snow will slowly beat up your chimney and loosen the mortar as well. This will also cause leaking and the chance of collapse. NJ chimney repair and rebuilding can solve these problems before any real damage occurs.

Although leaks should be a concern for any homeowner, the biggest risk with a chimney in need of repair is the possibility of a fire. The chimney facilitates the ventilation of hot air out of your home. If the heat gets trapped inside and cannot escape, a fire can easily start inside of the chimney and spread through the rest of the house.

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